The Road to Galaxy Formation Springer Praxis Books / Astronomy and Planetary

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    The Road to Galaxy Formation Springer Praxis Books / Astronomy and Planetary

    W.Keel, “The Road to Galaxy Formation”
    Springer | 296 pages | 2007 | ISBN: 3540725342 | PDF | 15 MB

    The formation of galaxies is one of the greatest puzzles in astronomy, the solution is shrouded in the depths of space and time, but has profound implications for the universe we observe today. The book discusses the beginnings of the process from cosmological observations and calculations, considers the broad features of galaxies that we need to explain and what we know of their later history. The author compares the competing theories for galaxy formation and considers the progress expected from new generations of powerful telescopes both on earth and in space. In this second edition the author has retained the observationally-based approach of the first edition, a feature which was particularly well-reviewed: Writing in Nature, Carlton Baugh noted in February 2003 that “It is refreshing, in a market dominated by theorists, to come across a book on galaxy formation written from an observational perspective. The Road to Galaxy Formation should prove to be a handy primer on observations for graduate students, advanced undergraduates and theorists who feel too shy to visit a telescope”.

    The New Scientist wrote in March 2003: “William Keel delicately balances observational evidence against today’s relevant theoretical possibilities”.

    And Sepehr Arbabi-Bidgoli wrote in Astronomische Nachrichten that “Reading this book I often felt like sitting in an exciting and entertaining lecture given by an astronomer who knows the subject and knows how to present it to the audience”.

    A Bibliography at the end of each chapter contains a resumé of books, selected research papers and Web resources providing guidance to further reading

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