Advanced Semiconducting Materials and Devices

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    Advanced Semiconducting Materials and Devices
    K.M. Gupta, Nishu Gupta (auth.)

    Springer International Publishing, 2016, 573 Pages
    English, Format PDF
    19 MB (19435393 bytes)
    ISBN 978-3-319-19758-6

    This book presents the latest developments in semiconducting materials and devices, providing up-to-date information on the science, processes, and applications in the field. A wide range of topics are covered, including optoelectronic devices, metal–semiconductor junctions, heterojunctions, MISFETs, LEDs, semiconductor lasers, photodiodes, switching diodes, tunnel diodes, Gunn diodes, solar cells, varactor diodes, IMPATT diodes, and advanced semiconductors. Detailed attention is paid to advanced and futuristic materials. In addition, clear explanations are provided of, for example, electron theories, high-field effects, the Hall effect, transit-time effects, drift and diffusion, breakdown mechanisms, equilibrium and transient conditions, switching, and biasing. The book is designed to meet the needs of undergraduate engineering students and will also be very useful for postgraduate students; it will assist in preparation for examinations at colleges and universities and for other examinations in engineering. Practice questions are therefore presented in both essay and multiple choice format, and many solved examples and unsolved problems are included.

    Table of contents :
    Front Matter....Pages i-xlii
    Front Matter....Pages 1-1
    Semiconductor Materials: Their Properties, Applications, and Recent Advances....Pages 3-40
    Overview of Crystals, Bonding, Imperfections, Atomic Models, Narrow and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors and, Semiconductor Devices....Pages 41-85
    Carrier Transport in Semiconductors....Pages 87-144
    Excess Carriers in Semiconductors....Pages 145-189
    Front Matter....Pages 191-191
    P-N Junctions and Their Breakdown Mechanisms....Pages 193-234
    Different Types of Diodes, Ideal and Real Diodes, Switching Diodes, Abrupt and Graded Junctions....Pages 235-259
    Front Matter....Pages 261-261
    Majority Carrier Diodes (Tunnel Diode, Backward Diode, Schottky Barrier Diode, Ohmic Contacts, and Heterojunctions)....Pages 263-283
    Microwave Diodes (Varactor Diode, p-i-n Diode, IMPATT Diode, TRAPATT Diode, BARITT Diode, etc.)....Pages 285-309
    Optoelectronic Devices....Pages 311-350
    Front Matter....Pages 351-351
    Bipolar Junction Transistors....Pages 353-383
    Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors, MOS Transistors, and Charge Coupled Device....Pages 385-414
    Power Semiconductor Devices....Pages 415-442
    Front Matter....Pages 443-443
    Semiconductor Growth Techniques and Device Fabrication....Pages 445-473
    Front Matter....Pages 475-475
    Special Semiconducting Materials in Vivid Fields (for Thermoelectrics, Integrated Circuits, Photocatalytics, Spintronic Devices, etc.), Plasmonic Solar Cell, and Photonics....Pages 477-507
    Nano-Structured Semiconducting Materials and Devices....Pages 509-530
    Recent Advances in Semiconducting Materials and Devices....Pages 531-562
    Back Matter....Pages 563-573

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