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    The British Journal of Radiology is the official peer reviewed journal of the British Institute of Radiology, covering all clinical and technical aspects of diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and radiobiology. The first issue of BJR was published in 1928, but its history can be traced back to the very first radiological journal - its 'great-great-grandfather' - 'The Archives of Clinical Skiagraphy' published in 1896. BJR has played a pivotal role in the development of the radiological sciences, and published the pioneering work done by Hounsfield and Ambrose on Computed Tomography in 1973.

    BJR is published monthly and includes full papers, reviews, commentaries, pictorial reviews, case reports, short communications, cases of the month, letters and book reviews. It is an international journal with around half the papers published coming from overseas. As well as being sent to BIR members the journal has a wide library circulation.

    Since 1997, BJR has also been published on the World Wide Web as BJR Online. From May 2001 we have produced BJR Online in association with Stanford University's HighWire Press at . BJR Online may be accessed by BIR Members and Institutional BJR subscribers. In addition to receiving the printed and electronic version of BJR, Members and Institutional subscribers have free access to the electronic version of the BIR's second journal, Imaging.

    The BJR Online full-text PDF archive goes back to January 1997, with HTML versions of articles available for 2001. Abstracts and tables of contents go back as far as the mid-1970s and mid-1960s respectively.

    BJR Online includes features such as free article alerting and reference cross-linking to kindred HighWire journals such as Radiology and AJR.

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