Pediatrics Request: Nelsons Review of Pediatrics & Blueprints Pediatrics

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    Peace be upon you all
    I post this thread with a heavy heart. I didn't realize how hard it is :( in order to get these books
    Nelsons Review of Pediatrics by Behrman & Kleigman
    Blueprints Pediatrics By Clement & Piatt
    i've searched this forum and plenty others, in many langs
    The Nelsons Review is not available eventhough i found the textook,essential..etc but Nelsons Review of Pediatrics (which is MCQ preparation) aint available
    Nevertheless, i omitted it and start cruising the web ,trying to get the blueprints but the same thing happened
    may be due to the lack of knowledge & minor experience in searching the web or it could be realy not found!
    if anyone can provide any helpful data i would be more than supportive.


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